Walking Through Color

Every Day We Are Moving Through Color.  Think about it, before pulling out of your driveway, what colors are around you, you are at the stop sign, a new set of colors, you are at your favored coffee shop,  colors changes again, this goes on all day and we really don’t think much about it.

I really never thought about walking through color until last week.  A customer of mine wanted me to paint her dark panel walls a light blue color.  I also suggest an accent color a couple shades darker on a smaller wall.  As I was changing the color, the room was taking on a new life. I felt like I was in a swimming pool.  The room became a very soothing & relaxing.  When you enter the kitchen of this home, you felt the calming effect of this light blue color. The room had lots of windows to let the light in, but this light blue had a very powerful calming effect.

This weekend take a few minutes and notice all the different color combinations you are passing through.  Creating Happiness with Color.

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