Plain Jane No More


Plain Jane no more, my last customer first name was Jane & she let me know that she was plain Jane of color.  I gave her some basic color changes on her house, like just making the shutters a bit darker and a little lighter shade on the body of the house.  She did not want her house to stand out, just fit in, like everybody else.  Jane just had her bathrooms tiles & tub re-glazed white, and was very proud of them & wanted me to see her new look, they had pink.

THE NEW JANE, after I saw all that white tile & tub all the same color, I knew it was time to put some stronger colors in the room to really make the white tiles pop along with the new shower curtain.  I painted the ceiling a light green which appears white but ties the room together with the darker teal on the walls.  The colors are a little darker than they appear in this picture.

Yes, No plain Jane anymore” she loves the colors”. Even in small spaces, you can bring in color. Her bathroom is about 6 x 10.

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