I guess what we are not sure of, we avoid.  When I was a little kid I always liked the color red. You could wear a red shirt but not red pants.  Mom would “say, Gary, red pants are for girls”, how about red shoes, same answer.  We really are influenced by our parent’s viewpoint.  Times change, A guy can wear about any color pair of pants & shirt he’s comfortable wearing today.  Personal, I have trouble with the color pink, maybe someday I will wear a pink shirt.
Color selections in your home works the same way.  Maybe the house you grew up in had green walls in every room, you probably never want to ever see a green wall again. Then again, some colors just seem to make sense to You.  Our kitchen was yellow, I thought all kitchens were supposed to be yellow, I still like yellow kitchens.
Most people just want to fit in with what everybody else is doing.  They want to have there home just few shades different from the home across the street.  I can help you with Color Fear.  ” I create happiness with color”.  No wonder, I gave up selling insurance, not enough Color.