Your Forgotten Wall in your Home.  Gary, what do you mean forgotten wall?  I know where all the walls in my home are.  Your forgotten wall is really called the fifth wall.  The fifth wall is the ceiling in your home. What are you doing with it?  I would bet they are white.  Did you know if you paint your ceiling a lighter shade of your wall color, it unifies the room.  Depending on the shade you select it will appear to be white.
The Pink Room for your little girl.  Girls are born with a gene for pink.  Last fall I painted a young girl’s room pink.  The walls were a strong red rose pink and the ceiling was a lighter shade of pink.  The doors,  baseboards & trim were white.  This room jump off the page with “coolness”.  The ceiling appeared to be white even though I painted it pink.
Not for Everybody!  Would you paint your ceiling a deep bold red with a lighter color on the walls?  You will be seeing this in some homes in the near future.  This is a great way to add life to a room without buying new furniture.  You do need to work with all the existing colors in that room.  Remember your fifth wall.  Creating happiness with color.