Interior Painting Services In Pinellas County

Interior paint has a huge influence on the way your home or business feels. Based on the colors you choose and the areas where they’re applied, your interior paint can add drama, warmth, sophistication, elegance – or whatever style you prefer. Above all, the right colors can make your interior spaces more inviting and comfortable for you and for anyone who visits.

As a leading interior painting contractor in Largo, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and throughout the greater Pinellas County region, Gary’s House Painting offers our customers the highest-quality finishes and advanced application techniques for superior results you’ll be proud of. Our 40+ years of experience and licensed painting professionals are skilled in all types of interior finishes and all types of surfaces to make sure your experience is hassle-free and creates happiness, every step of the way.

Paint Selection, Surface Preparation, and Finish Application

Selecting the right color for your interior spaces is very important – and we offer complete color consultation services to make the selection of hues as simple and successful as possible. But surface preparation and application techniques are also important – very important. Preparing the surfaces properly means your finishes will go on smooth and stay on for a long time. And if your finishes aren’t applied correctly, they’ll be more likely to show signs of wear and fading or flaking.

Living Happily With Your New Colors

Changing your interior paint colors with new wall and trim paint can dramatically change the way your home looks and feels – and depending on the colors and finishes you choose, it can even make your space feel bigger and, yes, more expensive. But to tap into all those great benefits, you need an experienced pro who can bring it all together. If you’re ready to give your home or business a fresh start, we can help.

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