Why do the Colors work?

While having my coffee & bagel at Panera’s, I asked myself, why do I keep coming back.  Obviously, I like it, but why? Well, the colors come together & put you in a relaxed state.  The room feels bright & inviting.  Did you know they have more than one hundred and seventy-five lights illumining more twenty colors on the walls?  This did not count the carpet, chairs, tables, artwork, florals, and the bread products.  All these elements working together is the emotion you feel, which sets the mood you are comfortable with at Panera’s.

The Colors in your home creates a Mood.

We go to different spaces in our home when we want to relax vs. waking up.  For most of us, the kitchen is the wake-up zone.  Warm or brighter colors will achieve the goal of waking you up in the morning.  Likewise, darker colors help reduce stress & chill the mind.  Amazing how light and color creates moods!  ” I create happiness with color”.