Color Consulting in Pinellas County

With literally hundreds of colors and thousands of color combinations to choose from, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when selecting a new color scheme for your home or business. But we can help. As a full-service painting contractor in Pinellas County, Florida, Gary’s House Painting offers complete color consulting for both residential and commercial clients, drawing from over 40+ years of experience in painting and design. We’ll help you visualize the results before we even begin, suggesting combinations and finishes that will enhance your property for years to come.

What Is Color Consulting?

Color choice has a surprising influence over the way your home or business looks and feels. The right colors can add charm, sophistication, and warmth … the wrong colors can make your property look worn, outdated and unappealing. The key to getting the look you want is to select the right color scheme that enhances your property’s architectural design, style, and other elements – not to mention your own interior design, landscaping and other style objectives.

Color has a huge emotional appeal that’s “built-in” to our brains. (Think of how excited you were as a kid to open a brand-new giant box of crayons!) Yet despite a lifetime of exposure to color combinations, it’s surprisingly easy to make a wrong choice when it comes to selecting shades for interior or exterior spaces. That’s where a color consultation can really help.

During a color consultation, our color experts will work with you to determine and select the best shades for your home or business, taking all the factors into account to develop a painting palette that’s beautiful and timeless.

We Take the Hassle and Stress Out Of Choosing The Wrong Color.

Our experienced team of painting professionals is ready to help you select the ideal color combination for your home or business with our “fee-based” color consultation that takes the worry and the hassle out of choosing your new color scheme.

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